Evernote – Control your data 6

Evernote - Control your data
Google’s announcement that Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013 reminded us that nothing lasts for ever and that no matter how much we use a service, the providers can do what they say in their terms and conditions… stop the service at any time. The latest Evernote security issues also reminded ...

Evernote for ITs – Remote Desktops

Evernote for ITs - Remote Desktops
Its been a while but am back :-). So taking advantage of the premium feature of attaching any file type on Evernote, you can create a single note to help you manage your servers (via Remote Desktops).

How to make your life easy at the airport

How to make your life easy at the airport
So here I am on another business trip. I have learned some stuff about traveling and making my life easier with the right accessories and technology, and so I thought I’d share my knowledge. Though I love to travel, I am one of those people who hate being inside an airport. You know what I ...

Evernote – Business Taveling Master Note Template 1

Evernote – Business Taveling Master Note Template
Further on the whole notion of Master notes described on Daniel E. Gold’s book “Guide To Capturing Everything and Getting Things Done”, I have created a template that I use for business traveling which I am presenting in this post. I talked about Business Traveling before where I described 4 Templates for my travels. In an ...

Evernote – Project Master Note Template 8

Evernote - Project Master Note Template
I have come to realize the importance of Master Notes, a notion that is talked extensively on Daniel E. Gold’s book “Guide To Capturing Everything and Getting Things Done”. In this post I am presenting the template I am using for Project Master Notes. I realize everyones needs are different and something that applies to ...

Backup posts with IFTTT and Evernote

Backup posts with IFTTT and Evernote
Remember my post about the power of simplicity with IFTTT and well you noticed my obsession with Evernote. What better way to “put the Internet to work for me” (as IFTTT.com says) than to combine the two and have an automatic method of backing up and archiving my posts in Evernote. In this post I will ...

Fast GTD with Doit.im 6

Fast GTD with Doit.im
  As the obsession with getting organized grows, so does the technology and the services that are out there. Doit.im seems to be growing up nicely and provides a great candidate tool for our GTD needs. The service is based on the GTD principles, and they provide a stunning user experience on all platforms(mobile, tablet and web).

FollowUpThen and Evernote

FollowUpThen and Evernote
The notifications part of my getting organized methodology had troubled me for a long time. I could not find a way to get notifications on my notes easily and within the Evernote interface, whether that is on a PC or a mobile device. I have recently discovered that you could use FollowUpThen with Evernote. FollowUpThen is a cool ...

Personal life corner (at work)

Personal life corner (at work)
Everyone talks about accessing your work stuff from everywhere and being connected, but what about your personal stuff. What if you want to access your personal drobox or evernote account instead of your professional one? How can you protect your personal stuff from being downloaded on your work pc?

Evernote – Life Work Balance

Evernote - Life Work Balance
I have previously described how to capture and manage stuff on Evernote.  This method is put into test whenever I have to return back to work, either from vacation or even an intensive work related meeting. It also helps me forget about all the work related tasks whenever I am resting, which is equally important ...