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With ifttt.com you can create tasks depending triggers from various channels on the basis of “If this then that”. Sounds very basic … and it is. Its power though comes from combining different channels giving its users the chance to automate a lot of processes done manually up to now. Classic example is when you are tagged on a new image on facebook, download it in your dropbox account. Pretty cool right?

This is how it works. As the photo explains if some event happens then do something. To further explain I will create a task that will send me SMS alerts when IBM’s stocks rise higher than 200 (very practical example, of course Cyprus stock exchange is not included as always ). So here it goes:

Click on Create a task from the Dashboard

Click on “This” on the sentence to declare the event

Select the Trigger Channel you want to use. In our case select Stocks

Choose the Trigger specific to that channel. In out case select “Price rises above”

Complete the Trigger Field values. In our case on Ticker Symbol enter “IBM” and on Price “200”

Click on “That” of the sentence to declare the action

Choose Action channel. In our case select “SMS”

Choose action specific to that channel. In our case there is only one option click on “Send me a text message”.

Complete the action fields.

And there you have it. Simple isn’t it?

I have to comment the simplicity of it’s user interface. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have simple UIs when dealing with Web apps. Maybe in this case it needs some color or something… but I love the simple and illustrative way of creating a task. Well done.

Source: http://ifttt.com/

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