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  1. Reply Marie Apr 13,2012 8:55 pm

    Looking forward to this blog for more information on Evernote.

  2. Reply mdlasure Mar 20,2014 8:54 pm

    Thank you for posting use cases for Evernote and templates. I’m using the GTD app with EN integration and Daniel Gold’s methodology to organize my team’s projects. I have never been more productive! That’s saying a lot from a hard-core Type-A. Thanks again!

    • Reply Constantinos Apr 4,2014 9:41 am

      Thank you for your comment :-). I have neglected my blog lately, hopefully I will find some time to post more. I am curious on how you are using GTD app with EN.

  3. Reply Andie Jul 1,2014 9:02 pm

    I am looking for a template as mentioned in copy from another Evernote blog. I am looking to create Project Management for home downsizing and moving.

    Posted 04 December 2013 – 05:57 PM
    You are making this harder than it needs to be. I have a Project Management Template that I keep in my Collection Box notebook. The title is Project Management Master Template, which came from My wife manages 568+ recipes in Evernote using a similar master template for easy creation.

    Whenever I need to create a new note based on the template, I create a new note, copy the template and paste. This allows me to create a PMMT based note when I only have my iPad or Phone, not my laptop available. It would be easy to create a notebook called Templates and keep them all there.

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