Evernote – Life Work Balance

I have previously described how to capture and manage stuff on Evernote.  This method is put into test whenever I have to return back to work, either from vacation or even an intensive work related meeting. It also helps me forget about all the work related tasks whenever I am resting, which is equally important in productivity.

Remembering what I did in similar situations in the pre-evernote era meant I had to look for information probably in some sticky notes, in outlook, documents in my file system, printed letters and so on. By the time I was back to work mode, I had already spend most of my day (not to mention already tired).

I have been using my getting back to work method for a while now and it works like charm. Well OK, am not that much of a freak, I don’t really have a back to work method. All I do is check my three basic views of my Task list, daily, weekly and occasionally as described here. The process should be universal after all since the point is to make everything simpler, not more complicated.

As a result I don’t spend much time remembering my tasks and I can get back to work more quickly. Additionally it is easier for me to forget everything concerning work (since its easy to go back to work mode) and just enjoy life in those rare moments when I am on off-line mode.

Actually, I never fully appreciated the fact that this process is making it easier for me to enjoy life. I cannot say that it was intentional, in the sense that in my productivity methodology I never took the time and think about the importance of resting. Even though I am a big supporter of keeping a balance between work and life, I was more concerned on always staying connected, with the misconception that I was more productive.

It turns out that after implementing the Task List method, I am not concerned with work related issues when I am supposed to be living (resting, spending time with family, doing non work related tasks). I am more relaxed and rested, and the next morning am always ready for work. Takes some of the stress factor away as well. I believe I am now even more productive due to the fact that when I come to work I have a clear mind.

I also think that resting and worrying less about your Task list, helps in producing fresh ideas and innovation. Thinking about the same problem for a long time, makes it inevitable to always come up with the same solution. Having a break form your thoughts could help your mind unlock and process the problems from a new angle.

So in conclusion … resting is good… being organized is good… working all the time is bad.


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