Eisenhower Matrix with Evernote 4

ScreenShot092aSo it’s been a long time since I wrote something but here I am. I recently talked with a friend of mine that uses the Eisenhower Matrix technique and I though why not do that with Evernote.

Its really simple actually. Just created 4 tags:

  • 1. Important
  • 1. Not Important
  • 2. Urgent
  • 2. Not Urgent

The numbering is a little different in my system but that does not matter really, it’s just a way to easily organize notes and recognize tags. Then I created 4 saved searches:

  • Name: DO Query:tag:1-Important tag:2-Urgent
  • Name: DECIDE Query: tag:1-Important tag:”2-Not Urgent”
  • Name: DELEGATE Query: tag:”1-Not Important” tag:2-Urgent
  • Name: DELETE Query: tag:”1-Not Important” tag:”2-Not Urgent”

I then created some Windows desktop shortcuts (In front of the background you see on the image above) that open Evernote and searches the queries described above. For example “C:\path\to\evernote\ENScript.exe showNotes /q “tag:1-Important tag:2-Urgent”“.

There you have it your own Eisenhower Matrix on Evernote. You can even make better queries to search for Evernote Reminders. For more information about the Eisenhower Matrix see the sources link below.

4 thoughts on “Eisenhower Matrix with Evernote

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  3. Reply bryanska Mar 2,2017 4:30 pm

    So there’s a notebook for each box in the matrix?

    • Reply Constantinos Mar 21,2017 3:33 pm

      You could do it with notebooks, but your’d be missing the more advanced capabilities (i.e. search only Important) . That is why I used different tags to signify level of Importance And Urgency. In each box basically is a window’s shortcut using the ENScript to search using those tags. For example “C:\path\to\evernote\ENScript.exe showNotes /q “tag:1-Important tag:2-Urgent”“.

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