Getting on top of things with MonitrAll

Getting on top of things with MonitrAll
This is for all those in IT people working in crazy environments. Have you ever found your self trying to administer several systems, all using different technologies, insane IT operations that break all the time, no documentation, people who knew the systems nowhere to be found, and always trying to defend your self to the ...

PHP Notificator

PHP Notificator
We have been looking for an easy way to programmatically send email notifications to customers and came up with small php application to do just that. As it turned out we never used it but hey since I made it might as well share it. I know, there are lots of services and applications out there ...

PHP PDO Connect Everywhere 2

PHP PDO Connect Everywhere
Back to programming. We all know how cool PHP is. What is even cooler is using PHP with PDO to connect to … well basically everywhere. Now that I suddenly remembered my coding days, I thought I’d share a little guide on using PHP with PDO on windows.

Gmail Issue Tracking System

Gmail Issue Tracking System
One of the most demanding task in my work place is handling the various issues that are related to the IT systems we maintain. So I was asked to come up with a method of tracking these issues with the limited resources that we have. That means that we had to implement a method that ...

Eisenhower Matrix with Evernote 2

Eisenhower Matrix with Evernote
So it’s been a long time since I wrote something but here I am. I recently talked with a friend of mine that uses the Eisenhower Matrix technique and I though why not do that with Evernote.

Security Alert – Heartbleed 2

Security Alert – Heartbleed 2
I had wrongly advised before to simply change your passwords for services you find critical. What I should have said was to: a) consult your online services and check if their services have been affected b) if they have been affected check if they have implemented an update to handle the bug c) after a patch ...

Security Alert – Heartbleed

Security Alert - Heartbleed
I have been receiving emails from various services telling me that they had been vulnerable to the heartbleed bug. This bug seems to have affected all services that use the OpenSSL cryptographic software library which is very very popular. For example some of the services that have been affected are IFTTT, wunderlist, mongolab. This bug enables attackers ...

Evernote – Control your Data 3 1

Evernote - Control your Data 3
I made a big mistake on my previous post. It seems the attachments are no longer saved on a separate folder locally but within the Evernote Database file (xxxxxx.exb). This is a great example of an application or service changing the way things work in your own world and that is exactly the reason why ...

Evernote – Control your Data 2 1

Evernote - Control your Data 2
I have recently experienced the pleasure of a PC breakdown and it got me thinking… Ok Evernote data are in the cloud so no real harm done, and also like described on my post Evernote – Control your data, I have my data backed up so I am in control. But am I really? What happens ...

DIY organization tool – cocoon Grid-It ripoff

DIY organization tool - cocoon Grid-It ripoff
Ever since I saw the Grid-It organization system from Cocoon I wanted to own one (at least one). For Cocoon though to ship a product to the edge of the world where I apparentlt live is around $60, so buying one from the source is our of the question. So I thought … hey why not ...