Getting Organized with Google Sheets – Everything in one place

Lately I have been experimenting with Google App Scripts for Google Sheets and in the back of my mind I always had the possibility of having all our digital organization in one place. Things finally feel into place and here I am presenting how to Get Organized with Google Sheets and have Everything in one place.

My approach uses Google Sheets as the Business Intelligence tool for all our Getting Things Done, Issues Tracking and Project Management stuff. To do that I used Google App Scripts to:

  1.  Import my stuff from other services like Trello (and other services that provide an APi) and
  2. Scripts to Present on the Web and Send Emails Google Sheets.

The business analysis part is done by utilising the powerful Google Sheet Formulas and Functions. With a combination of the IMPORTAGE and QUERY functions, you can pretty much do any kind of analysis you like. The analysis then can be either sent by email (we even have a script to dynamically select who the email is sent to) or view it as a web app. Below are some real examples we use, like keeping track of our tasks from different Trello boards, having summaries on our orders and their status and so on.


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