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EvernoteBackupI have recently experienced the pleasure of a PC breakdown and it got me thinking… Ok Evernote data are in the cloud so no real harm done, and also like described on my post Evernote – Control your data, I have my data backed up so I am in control. But am I really? What happens if Evernote decides to stop their services, or if they release some weird update that can’t read your backed up data?

Continuity is extremely important when dealing with your life or work data. The thing with cloud services is that you have the risk of discontinuation. Relying on many cloud services increases your chances of having one of them stopping their service. Having one service or application for all your data on the other hand presents a HUGE risk … though you minimize your chances of having a service not being available anymore, if that ONE special vendor stops or changes dramatically, you are left out in the cold.

The optimal would be if Evernote did rely on open standard data forms. Then in the unlikely (at least for now) event that Evernote stops, the transition would be much smoother. But we can’t have it all. At least the files that are saved on Evernote notes are saved on their own format as files within the offline Evernote folder that we back up. So keep that in mind next time you are naming a file before you attach it on a Note. One way to make sure you can always use your data is to save your notes on text files and attach them to the notes instead of writing directly on the note. Then of course you loose all the tagging, notebooking and whole organization process. (see Evernote – Control your data 3)

One thing you can definitely do is always keep a copy of the latest installation files of Evernote and back it up along with your data. And always keep in mind that if you start thinking that the service you are using is starting to look either unusable or unreliable, maybe it is time to think of migrating to a better service.

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