DIY organization tool – cocoon Grid-It ripoff

Grid itEver since I saw the Grid-It organization system from Cocoon I wanted to own one (at least one). For Cocoon though to ship a product to the edge of the world where I apparentlt live is around $60, so buying one from the source is our of the question. So I thought … hey why not make one myself… can’t be that hard. Well at the end I managed to make a really ugly but very workable version of Grid it. 

Grid it

I used an old CD case as my base and black rubberized fabric. The idea was to staple vertically the strips on the CD case one next to each other, slightly tightened, and then place the horizontal strips in a not so regular pattern, in and out of the vertical strips.

Grid it Grid it Grid it

After some time of stapling and stretching strips on the case, I realized that maybe stapler is not the best solution here. I thought sewing would be better, so I got myself a needle and thread and started sewing the rest. Took me like a day to figure out how the whole needle and thread thing works but finally finished the rest of the strips.

The end result was a mixture of ugly sewing and tasteless staples, but my goal was achieved, I made a cocoon Grid it like tool where I could organize my stuff. It will probably all fall apart in a couple of months but for now am enjoying a clutter free experience in my messenger bag.

Grid it
DIY PROJECT: VINTAGE BOOK TRAVEL-TECH ORGANIZER is a good turotial on how to do it right :-).


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