7/11 Next day

Ok one more about the 11/07/2011 explosion at Zigi Cyprus.

Somehow the discussion has changed and the new subject is now Left VS Right wing. How did we let this happen? Why is everyone fixated on blaming the other? And what does the coup have to do with the huge hole in Zigi? We have already lost our focus and its only been 3 days since the incident. Noone cares about the next day or what we need to do to make sure this does not happen again.

At this moment there is only one suggestion about the future. Find the guilty, punish them and change the government. Ok sounds good, but then what? Should we then continue working the same way we always have? Shouldn’t there be a change in the way that things work, the government processes, the way that dicisions are being made, they way that everyone is trying to avoid responsibility, the way order of priority in which things are being placed (e.g. Note that the priority in this matter was A)Politics, B)Economy, C)Safety ).

These are the things that worry me. I find that as a society we have learned to avoid responsibility and simply not care. After talking to a lot of people about my concerns, I was called a romantic dreamer and I was accused of the same things that I am accusing other; that I don’t have a suggestion to make about the future. It is true, I have little if no expertise in government procedures.

One thing I do know, that is a related with my field is communications, workflows, productivity. Clearly this is an area that our government mechanism suffers. Sending letters and forwarding them to all the people involved clearly does not work, or at least is a very … but very slow process. There are many ways to increase productivity through high tech communications (ok email is not that hight tech any more, but in Cyprus I guess it is), workflow oriented systems and collaboration and communications between different departments’ systems. Eventhough am sure there are people that know much more than I do about busting government productivity and are trying to do so, things get tied up on bureaucracy or budget (again the priority thing).

Please think about the future.

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