Getting Organized with Evernote

Am introducing a new category in my blog dedicated to getting organized with the help of Evernote. The posts under this category are inspired by my own experience with Evernote and from my constant effort to get organized.

Firsts of all Evernote is an application, or better yet a service, where you can collect or create notes from a variety of sources, organize them, and retrieve them whenever you want (again from a variety of sources). These sources include Windows PCs, Apple PCs, iOS, Android and other smartphone devices and so on. Its main components are :

Note: A placeholder of text, html, media (images, audio, video), pdfs, documents and any other type of files.
Tag: A named categorization of notes. Tags can be organized in a tree structure but can be assigned to notes independently (giving greater flexibility).
Notebook: A collection of notes that can be shared or set to sync or not separately from other notebooks.
Sync : The process by which your Evernote notes are kept up to date across all of your computers, phones, devices and the Web.
Account : A username and password that allows Evernote to identify your notes and make them available to you anywhere.

Evernote is famous for its speed in collecting notes (especially from the browser), the ability to organize content into tags, and its advanced search capabilities that can even search on handwritten image scans. For more information of Evernote please read from their own website at:
Evernote Getting Started 
Evernote Quich Introduction

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