Timeline jquery plugin

Remember my post on news timeline… well now its even easier to implement with Timeline, a jquery plugin for displaying linear date based events. It is really easy to use and it can pull in media from different sources such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps or SoundCloud. Timeline uses as input either a Google spreadsheet or a detailed JSON file. The interface is simple but gorgeous, but I have some concerns on how it would look like or act on different devices and browsers (iPhone, Androids, IE). I followed the instructions on their website and setup a test timeline.

I just used the embed version (since am putting it in a blog post) and used google docs as input. In the google spreadsheet I just put a couple of my previous posts just to see how that would work. It worked straight away and rendered the timeline as shown below. Seems though it has some trouble in tight spaces, would be better off with bigger width or full screen. I would also love to have RSS as an input, but other than that I think its a great plugin. And remember this is still beta feature so if something is not working perfectly just be patient :-). Check out more examples on their website Timeline.



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