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I have come to realize the importance of Master Notes, a notion that is talked extensively on Daniel E. Gold’s book “Guide To Capturing Everything and Getting Things Done”. In this post I am presenting the template I am using for Project Master Notes.

I realize everyones needs are different and something that applies to me might not apply to someone else, but still I would apreciate everyones input, so please do comment.

So here it is:



Master Project Note V.0


1. Project Description

Brief Description of the project

2. Organizing

2.1. People

Project Team and all other important people that are involved with the project, their contact info and roles.

2.2. Tools Sites Services

Any sites, services or tools of any kind that you would use in this project. Avoid having login information here unless you encrypt them.

3. Plan, Milestones, Tasks, Progress

3.1. Official

Official Plan and progress here. The distinction official/working is not necessary. Important to distinguish who does what, deadlines and mark result. You could use Links for additional information on Tasks.

3.2. Working

4. Documentation

4.1 Official Docs

All official documents. Documents such as Analysis, Design, Budget, Reports, Cost Estimations and so on. You are advised to use Links if you have a lot of documents.

4.2 Other Docs (Supporting)

Any other supporting documents that you would need to perform your tasks.

5. Notes

5.1. General Notes

Important notes for your or your teams reference, such as decisions etc.

5.2. Questions n Answers

Often need to find an answer that you already asked fast, or find the reference to the documentation fast. Again you should use Links. Can use to write fast the questions you need to have answered.

5.3 Research

Reference to research notes. Again you should use Links.

6. Log

Event based Log. Again you should use Links.

yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM – Meeting/Teleconference/Other/Travel – Title




8 thoughts on “Evernote – Project Master Note Template

  1. Reply Daniel Gold Nov 8,2012 5:47 am

    Thanks again for the honorable mention! You’ve got a great blog and it’s wonderful to be mentioned here! Cheers!

  2. Reply Constantinos Nov 8,2012 9:30 am

    Again thank you for your kind words there :-). It’s an honor coming from you.

  3. Reply Rick Slaugh Nov 10,2012 3:52 am


    Very thorough. I like the style and will use this as a basis for my template.

    • Reply Constantinos Nov 10,2012 10:55 am

      Thank you, am glad you found it useful :-), please let me know how it works for you and any suggestions you may have

  4. Reply Robert Grenader Feb 3,2013 9:18 pm

    How do you keep this template in Evernote? As a master note, or do you copy and paste for each new project?

  5. Reply Fabio Apr 21,2013 7:11 pm

    I would also suggest to have a look at TSW (TheSecretWeapon.org). They combine GTD with Evernote in a really straight forward fashion.

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