Cypriot History x

I cannot be untouched by what has happened today at Mari. The amount of irresponsibility that fills every part of our society has lead to yet another destruction. A place filled with educated scientists, with an enormous government workforce, has managed to come up with a plan to actually store high explosive under the blazing cypriot sun. Surprise surprise … they exploded.

In a place where everyone is an expert (Monchegorsk’s Safe load), decisions are being made lightly. No need to consult anyone, after all with the philosophy of “pass the responsibility forward” (even the opposition, even me) everyone is happy.

This is not the first army or government related accident due to pure stupidity or pure lack of sense of responsibility. I could not find the articles right now but I would like to remind you of the accidents in the munitions warehouse, the light aircraft that fell in a residential area, the training grenade that turned to be a real one and many more.

I have given up believing that one day (by magic somehow) we will learn from our mistakes. As long as it is not my fault… everything is ok…

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