Promises Promises web app

Sick and tired of politicians big talk and undelivered promises? Well they only get away with it because their statements are not properly documented, thus its not easy to verify exactly what someone says, when they say it, concerning what subject e.t.c.

In the spirit of the latest events in Cyprus, where everyone seems to resist on the politicians influence, I suggest a web app to follow, record, and rate politicians integrity, truthfulness and accountability. Like always it should be easy to navigate and maintain. It could be consisted of single vertical lists, representing politicians in the outer page and their statements/subject (or promises if you like) in the inner page. Also simple big icons and red/yellow/green colours can be used to represent success or failure to complete their promises.

The complexity of course is not in designing or developing the app, but in finding the right process for updating, especially in the success or failure part. First of all I believe that it should be simple case of yes/no instead of a rating. A rating system would allow them to again slip out of their responsibilities instead of clearly show whether the objective has been achieved or not. So it is also important to input the correct subjects in question for each person. A question arises on who gets to input all this data.

Though its clear that it should not be let up to the public to rate subjects, I have no clear answer on how to do that… but…  the technology is here to help us keep track and to make our selves and our politicians better.

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