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I love integrating stuff, either cloud like stuff (see Productivity Services 101Multi-OS/device Task Management with toodledo), or hardware stuff (see ASUS PadFone). The trend was to have devices that do everything, like a phone that you can use to communicate with others, take photos or videos, browse the web, read news, check out a map, play games, send rockets to outer space, make coffee … (you get the picture). That’s all nice and dandy but at the end of the day in our effort to save time, do everything on the road, be more productive and so on, we end up loosing the very characteristics that make each device unique for its purpose. For example you can type much faster using a full keyboard rather the one on your little smartphone’s touchscreen. And trust me, making calls from a Samsung Galaxy tablet is not an easy task.

This design by Prashant Chandra proposes to keep the different devices uniqueness and come together to form a laptop (which is still the most versatile device). So you get all these gadgets that can still do all those cool stuff, but still keep their identity, and when you really need the power you simply connect and use the laptop. You can think of this like a bunch of (really cute in this case) transformers coming together to form a giant mega transformer. And that’s just awesome.



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4 thoughts on “Phone + Camera + Tablet = Laptop

  1. Reply Constandinos Mar 30,2012 1:35 pm

    It reminds me those old (failed) attempts to create a car-boat vehicle. I prefer the single thing do it right approach.

  2. Reply Constantinos Mar 30,2012 1:44 pm

    your right single thing do it right approach is good, thats why digital cams still sell, but sometimes the all in one approach works as well… Think crossover car idea (qashqai nissan), take an SUV in one hand and a salon in the other and put your hands together… now every car manufacturer makes crossovers and it sells

  3. Reply Annita May 23,2012 3:27 pm

    Love it! I love the concept. All in one and yet you get the single thing do it right approach. I can get the cam and the phone/music player (whichever it is) in my handbag and just dock everything at the laptop! No more wires, no more fuss!
    (currently I need three different wires to sync camera, phone, mp3 player and laptop since none of the uses universal usb pinning)

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