Security Alert – Heartbleed 2

Security Alert – Heartbleed 2
I had wrongly advised before to simply change your passwords for services you find critical. What I should have said was to: a) consult your online services and check if their services have been affected b) if they have been affected check if they have implemented an update to handle the bug c) after a patch ...

Security Alert – Heartbleed

Security Alert - Heartbleed
I have been receiving emails from various services telling me that they had been vulnerable to the heartbleed bug. This bug seems to have affected all services that use the OpenSSL cryptographic software library which is very very popular. For example some of the services that have been affected are IFTTT, wunderlist, mongolab. This bug enables attackers ...

Evernote – Control your Data 3 1

Evernote - Control your Data 3
I made a big mistake on my previous post. It seems the attachments are no longer saved on a separate folder locally but within the Evernote Database file (xxxxxx.exb). This is a great example of an application or service changing the way things work in your own world and that is exactly the reason why ...

Evernote – Control your Data 2 1

Evernote - Control your Data 2
I have recently experienced the pleasure of a PC breakdown and it got me thinking… Ok Evernote data are in the cloud so no real harm done, and also like described on my post Evernote – Control your data, I have my data backed up so I am in control. But am I really? What happens ...

DIY organization tool – cocoon Grid-It ripoff

DIY organization tool - cocoon Grid-It ripoff
Ever since I saw the Grid-It organization system from Cocoon I wanted to own one (at least one). For Cocoon though to ship a product to the edge of the world where I apparentlt live is around $60, so buying one from the source is our of the question. So I thought … hey why not ...

Schedule stuff with PHP

Schedule stuff with PHP
Its been a while but I finally found some time to do some programming. I needed a way to schedule notifications with PHP so I turned to the Internet and made a quick search. I couldn’t find a nice post on the subject so I thought I’d make one hoping to help a little bit.

Evernote reminders

Evernote reminders
FINALLY … Evernote Reminders Are Here on Mac, iOS and Web

Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips
Here a great presentation on Time Management from Etienne Garbugli. Good stuff :-).

Evernote – Control your data 6

Evernote - Control your data
Google’s announcement that Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013 reminded us that nothing lasts for ever and that no matter how much we use a service, the providers can do what they say in their terms and conditions… stop the service at any time. The latest Evernote security issues also reminded ...

Evernote for ITs – Remote Desktops

Evernote for ITs - Remote Desktops
Its been a while but am back :-). So taking advantage of the premium feature of attaching any file type on Evernote, you can create a single note to help you manage your servers (via Remote Desktops).