Phone + Camera + Tablet = Laptop 4

Phone + Camera + Tablet = Laptop
I love integrating stuff, either cloud like stuff (see Productivity Services 101, Multi-OS/device Task Management with toodledo), or hardware stuff (see ASUS PadFone). The trend was to have devices that do everything, like a phone that you can use to communicate with others, take photos or videos, browse the web, read news, check out a map, ...

Another phone to tablet

Another phone to tablet
Seems another company is considering a phone to tablet duo. After Asus and CMIT Fujitsu jumps in the game with this beautiful idea.   Source: Yanko

CMIT’s TransPhone also doubles as a tablet

CMIT's TransPhone also doubles as a tablet
We looked at Asus PadFone and we said that that was not the first time someone came up with the idea of a phone to tablet dock. Seems CMIT’s TransPhone also announced a smartphone that can be inserted into a larger multi touch display turning into a tablet. TransPhone has a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor and a SVGA display. It is unclear on ...

ASUS PadFone, the smartphone that docks into a tablet 1

ASUS PadFone, the smartphone that docks into a tablet
Now here’s an interesting concept for you. ASUS has just introduced, or rather teased, their newest device called PadFone. As the name suggests its a 4.3 phone that turns into a 10.1 tablet ( though the dimensions or specifications are not yet finalized). So what the mockups show, is a smartphone with android like interface, that can ...