Phone + Camera + Tablet = Laptop 4

Phone + Camera + Tablet = Laptop
I love integrating stuff, either cloud like stuff (see Productivity Services 101, Multi-OS/device Task Management with toodledo), or hardware stuff (see ASUS PadFone). The trend was to have devices that do everything, like a phone that you can use to communicate with others, take photos or videos, browse the web, read news, check out a map, ...

Another phone to tablet

Another phone to tablet
Seems another company is considering a phone to tablet duo. After Asus and CMIT¬†Fujitsu jumps in the game with this beautiful idea.   Source: Yanko

Productivity Services 101 2

Productivity Services 101
I mentioned in a previous posts productivity tools that I use. By definition these tools or services must help me be more productive, thus they should be easy to use and take as little of my time as possible to administer. Some notion of automation should apply so as to save as much time as ...

Multi-OS/device Task Management with toodledo

Multi-OS/device Task Management with toodledo
Ever since I discovered that you could use the internet for task managenent (think yahoo calendar… just found out I had pending tasks from 2001 ūüôā ), I was trying to¬†figure¬†out a workflow that would work for me. My requirements were simple… help me remember all of my tasks, keep track of all things I ...

CMIT’s TransPhone also doubles as a tablet

CMIT's TransPhone also doubles as a tablet
We looked at Asus PadFone and we said that that was not the first time someone came up with the idea of a phone to tablet dock. Seems CMIT’s TransPhone¬†also¬†announced¬†a¬†smartphone that can be inserted into a larger¬†multi touch¬†display turning into a tablet.¬†TransPhone has a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor and a SVGA display. It is unclear on ...

ASUS PadFone, the smartphone that docks into a tablet 1

ASUS PadFone, the smartphone that docks into a tablet
Now here’s an interesting concept for you. ASUS has just introduced, or rather teased, their newest device called PadFone. As the name suggests its a 4.3 phone that turns into a 10.1 tablet ( though the¬†dimensions¬†or specifications are not yet finalized). So what the mockups show, is a smartphone with android like interface, that can ...