Evernote Working Example – Business Meeting 1 1

Evernote Working Example - Business Meeting 1
In the following posts I will present an actual working example of how I use Evernote in real life. Specifically I will show the how I use Evernote on an actual business meeting, taking advantage of the tagging and advanced search functionality of Evernote. The purpose of these posts is to show how we can actually ...

Getting Organized with Evernote – GTD Task Management 1

Getting Organized with Evernote – GTD Task Management
In this post I will present a method for implementing GTD Task management with the help of Evernote. This method relies on the methodology described on  Getting Organized with Evernote – GTD Methodology. Task management plays an important role in getting organized, especially in environments where change is constant. Again David Allen’s GTD gives us a ...

Getting Organized with Evernote – GTD Methodology 5

Getting Organized with Evernote - GTD Methodology
This is the first of a series of tutorial like posts that will follow concerning how to get organised with Evernote. There are a lot of methods that people use for getting organized, each having its own pros and cons. When it comes down to actually putting the methods into actions there is no right ...

Getting Organized with Evernote

Getting Organized with Evernote
Am introducing a new category in my blog dedicated to getting organized with the help of Evernote. The posts under this category are inspired by my own experience with Evernote and from my constant effort to get organized.

Timeline jquery plugin

Timeline jquery plugin
Remember my post on news timeline… well now its even easier to implement with Timeline, a jquery plugin for displaying linear date based events. It is really easy to use and it can pull in media from different sources such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps or SoundCloud. Timeline uses as input either a Google ...

Phone + Camera + Tablet = Laptop 4

Phone + Camera + Tablet = Laptop
I love integrating stuff, either cloud like stuff (see Productivity Services 101, Multi-OS/device Task Management with toodledo), or hardware stuff (see ASUS PadFone). The trend was to have devices that do everything, like a phone that you can use to communicate with others, take photos or videos, browse the web, read news, check out a map, ...

Power by simplicity with ifttt 1

Power by simplicity with ifttt
With ifttt.com you can create tasks depending triggers from various channels on the basis of “If this then that”. Sounds very basic … and it is. Its power though comes from combining different channels giving its users the chance to automate a lot of processes done manually up to now. Classic example is when you are ...

Google maps directions for Cyprus 2

Google maps directions for Cyprus
At long last you can find your way in Cyprus with google maps. Directions have been enabled on their platform and the street coverage seems to be decent. You can search streets using both English or Greek names. Now everyone with moble internet and google maps on their phones have a GPS navigation system on ...

Tag your plug

Tag your plug
Being productive involves all aspects of life, whether its how you manage your tasks to how you manage your cables… as long as it makes your life easier.  Here’s an interesting solution for managing your cables. Just place some bread tags on your cables and write down what is connected there. Simple but really really ...

Another phone to tablet

Another phone to tablet
Seems another company is considering a phone to tablet duo. After Asus and CMIT Fujitsu jumps in the game with this beautiful idea.   Source: Yanko